Friday, April 25, 2008

Trek to famous Chilling River Waterfall

On February 2008, I and my friends went to “Santuari Ikan Sg Chilling” (Fish Sanctuary Chilling River) or more popular call as Chilling Waterfalls. We camping there for 2 days 1 night just interesting and fascinate with beautiful nature, really melodious tweet, squirrel and iguana pass and always watching our gesture. Our experience camping there sure attracts the beauty of natural world.

For natural lover, expedition trekking to Chilling River sure brings something new in their life. Two hour trekking, contents you to see more closely the natural world beauties. These forest areas are well kept altogether with cooperation of those departments involved. Chilling River for sure it something provide valuable.

Flora and fauna at Chilling River with cold clarity water and fresh air hereabouts make all impatient to reach the top of waterfall. During your trekking, you can found two others waterfall that consider dangerous and not safe. Although it really challenging, our desire peaking make we consider tired feeling.

If hiking really exhaust and stressed, we drop a minute and enjoy the natural beauties of Chilling River spa or more popular known as The Chilling Spa, to chill out and enjoy the water fall from the top while splash the big rock. Need to be reminded; there have eddy water at Chilling River. The heavy rain will cause the river become deep and dangerous.

Our journey to Chilling River takes time around 1 hour 30 minute from Kuala Lumpur. It's only 55 km from Kuala Lumpur. Located in the district of Hulu Selangor and nearby with Kuala Kubu town that also known as KKB. This reserve forest area protected and manages by Department of Selangor Fisheries. This area also has a lot of fish and being prohibited to fishing there.

To reach the top of Chilling waterfall, our journey takes time about 1 hour beginning from our camp site area. Damage anything beauty natural there are being prohibited. Across six streams are also the part of challenge to reach the top of Chilling Waterfalls.

Our camping this time was so enjoyable and gives a lot of beautiful memories. Remember guard natural beauty and delight his beauty. Leave only your footstep there.

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